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Our Purpose

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We’re proud to be a purpose-driven company. This means we are about more than furniture, mattresses, appliances, and accessories. We’re about you.

make life better.

Our purpose is to Make Life Better for our teams, guests, and community. It’s why we exist.

We come to work each day to improve the lives of our team members and their families. We choose to serve, sell, and deliver products that make our guests’ lives better (for us, this is furniture, mattresses, appliances, and more). We approach every guest encounter – in-store or online – as an opportunity to improve their lives. We make it our responsibility to support and strengthen families in our communities, locally and worldwide.

our values

Our values make us TDG. They drive our plans, actions, and outcomes right across our organization, from the boardroom to the showroom to the warehouse floors and everywhere in between.

Guest Centric

Frictionless, empathetic, going beyond.


Compassionate, respectful, humble and kind.


Energetic, passionate, and positive.


Inclusion, development, and collaboration.


Forward looking, learning focused, growth mindset.


Results driven, accountable, recognition.

Our Values

our theme

Each year, we adopt a theme to focus, motivate, and unite Team TDG. In 2022, we chose With Purpose because there is nothing more important or inspiring than improving lives where we work, serve, and grow!

Work with purpose

to make our teams’ lives better

  • By improving clarity on work, priorities, and objectives, so our team members know how to succeed
  • By increasing accountability and idea-sharing, so our team members are heard and recognized more often.
  • By adding more learning and growth opportunities, and leveraging our technology and data, so our team members are constantly improving
  • By celebrating and taking pride in our successes, so our team members know they are winning!
Serve with purpose

to make our guests’ lives better

  • By connecting with each guest so we can listen and understand their unique style, situation, and needs
  • By being prepared and knowledgeable so we can help guests make the right decision for their homes and families
  • By preparing our showrooms, eCommerce sites, and warehouses with unique options, great values, and timeless styles that are ready for our guests when they want
Grow Purpose
Grow with purpose

to make our whole community’s life better

  • By improving efficiencies and eliminating waste across our organization, so our operations continue to grow today and into the future
  • By investing in technology, data & analytics, digital, finance, HR, and supply chain to prepare our company for whatever comes tomorrow
  • By focusing on our massively transformative purpose and chasing our moonshot, so we’re shaping the future of the retail furniture industry
  • By caring for our planet, so it’s around for generations to come
  • By partnering with amazing charities that support youth and families, so together we build stronger communities now and into the future